Induction Bar End Heating Forging

bar end heating forging induction

DaWei Induction Heating Co is the designer and manufacturer of induction heating equipments including those for bar end heating forging applications. Higher production rates can be achieved with the use of multiple solenoid coils while channel coils facilitate material handling of long bars through the use of chain conveyors to continuously feed the bars through the C-shaped coil.
DaWei Induction Heating Co also offers a compact unitized induction bar-end heating/forging system. The system is complete with process controls, power supply, water cooler/recirculator, and heating inductors all mounted onto a unitized welded base, making installation very simple. All that is required is to fill the closed loop water cooler with coolant and connect a 3-phase voltage supply.

bar end heating forging system

bar end heating forging equipment