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Induction Tempering solutions from DaWei Induction are present in the automotive and automotive-supply industries. In fact, tempering can be performed on all hardened components—bars, joints, shafts, etc.

Recent initiatives for lean, just-in-time manufacturing within the automotive industry have emphasized the need to find faster and more efficient heating technologies.Induction heating machines are used in the manufacture of many parts along the automotive drive train - including CV joints, tulips, gears, steering racks, and wheel hubs. Induction technology is also used to produce large body and engine parts such as rocker arms, cam shafts, valves, connecting rods, banding, crank shafts, and starting rings. Finally, shock absorber components are hardened and formed using induction.Induction Tempering a component only takes around ten seconds, unlike in a furnace where it can take a couple of hours. The reason is that induction generates heat directly in the material— exactly where you need it.This means induction tempering can be directly integrated into your production line to improve throughput, increase flexibility and save floor space.
For years, induction tempering was taboo among potential users. But technical development spearheaded by DaWei Induction—and real-life validation in the automotive industry—have resulted in induction tempering now being a must for a wide range of components.A vast amount of parts can be treated with induction tempering such as camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts, torsion bars, couplings, rocker arms, rock drills, chains, suspension arms, clutches, brake discs, steering wheels, CV joints, tulips, shock absorbers, inner and outer races, control rods, valves and output shafts.
Fast, accurate and flexible, induction tempering replaces the huge wasteful furnaces used for decades in heat treatment shops. Fatigue tests have confirmed the quality results delivered by our induction heating solutions.

induction tempering for automotive  

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