induction heat treating

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Induction heat treating surface refers to various metals heating operations such as the following:

-Degreasing pickling & drying
-Galvanizing & tinning
-Curing of paints, varnishes & pacification
 Applications in this area are numerous:
- setting off tie cans.
- polymerization of aerosol tube inner varnish .
- curing of seals.
- polymerization of varnish on copper wires and flats. - rilsan coating of steel wires, fabric or sheets.

When induction heating technology is used, heat is transferred to the outer coating from the inside out, which is ideal for drying and curing operations since it allows solvents and vapors to escape. This heating method therefore provides:
-Better adherence.
-Better surface appearance.
-Good reproducibility, which is important when drying colored paints.
-Highly flexible operation via the selection of treatment temperatures. And lastly, a more compact treatment system that may be operated discontinuously, without presence
of thermic inertia.
-Better adherence to the substance applied to the metal.
-Higher quality surface appearance.
-Excellent reproducibility which is important when drying colored materials.
-Highly flexible operation by means of easy selection of processing temperatures.
-Compact and instant heat on/off capability controls thermal pollution in the working environment.

DaWei induction heating machines are wildly used in heat treatment, bonding, brazing, welding, forging, melting and heat fitting solutions in many fields like medical device, auto parts, metalwork, Machinery&equipment Industry, electronics and electrical industry, Metal industry and Packaging industry, Cable&wire, Foundry&metal .Tube&pipe, ect. The main applications are as following.  

A: parts surface heating treatment, parts surface hardening, tempering, annealing, etc.
B: metal brazing, high-frequency brazing, pan bottom brazing, tool head brazing, copper brazing, lead-free soldering, vacuum fusion, etc.
C: forging, shaping, warm bending, high frequency shrinkage fitting, heat enveloping, heat sealing, metal desiccating, nut inserting, rotor inserting,etc.
D: precious metals melting.
E. dry resin, resin coating, warm resin forming,shrinkage fitting & Extraction ect.

Heat treating services including HSS Heat Treatment, Induction Hardening, Hardening and Tempering, Gas Carburizing, Case Hardening, Toughening, Carbo Nitriding, Core Refining, Spherodizing, Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, etc. Heat treatment is used to fabricate tool parts, jigs & fixtures, gears and gear parts, sprockets, gauges, moulds, piston rods, etc 

HSS Heat Treatment Induction Hardening Hardening and Tempering Gas Carburizing
Case Hardening Toughening Carbo Nitriding Core Refining
Spherodizing Annealing Normalizing Stress Relieving
Aus Tempering Mar Tempering Solution Treatment Solution Annealing
Aging And Precipitation Hardening Selective Annealing Shrink Fitting
Homogenizing Hydrogen Embrittlement

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